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Welcome Summer!: Jones Beach State Park on Long Island


2021 Scholarship Winners!

The winners of the 2021 WSR Annual Scholarship are the following WHS seniors:

1. Alexa Boylan
2. Loren Hunt
3. Erik Marino-Gonzalez
4. Hammad Nawaz
5. Balquees Shafique Ventura
6. Pearl Shaw



Latest info and member news. Besides our great bi-annual newsletter, a great resource, our new website will post current news before it can hit the presses!

**Maureen Hocker is currently living in an assisted living facility and is, unfortunately, facing challenging health issues. 

   Best wishes and warm thoughts are welcomed. She is looking forward to connecting with many of you.

Maureen Hocker

Sunrise of East Meadow 

1555 Glenn Curtiss Blvd. 

East Meadow, NY. 11554

Room 312


** One of our retirees has gone viral!! David Dahle has his own channel on YOUTUBE! You can check him out performing his original songs on YOUTUBE: search- David Avid and click the orange circle with the big D. Congrats David!:)


In Memoriam link at bottom of page


More Happy News!

Camille Block is a retiree from Dexel in her early 90's. Her memoir, Cruising Thru Marriage, is

available on Amazon.

Congratulations Camille!
retiree celebration.jpg

 June 2021: New Retirees!!

1.   Yvonne Cunningham -Park

2.   Janet Di Pietro - Park

3.   Sharon Greco - Dryden

4.   Judith Kerner - Park

5.   Patricia Krupa - Dryden

6.   Mary Lago - Park

7.   James Nicklas - HS

8.   Julio Ortiz - MS

9.   John Stauber - HS

10. Angela Summer - Powells

12. Tina Kaiser - MS

13. Brenda Bluestone


New Retirees Brochure!!

This will be given out to new retirees every year. It presents a snapshot of what our retiree group has to offer and the benefits of joining.

Check it out!  click link below:


June 2021 Celebration for Julio Ortiz!

Colleagues, current and former, from the Middle School ENL, SE and SS Depts., join Julio in celebrating his retirement!

Congrats Julio!

Our 2019 Fall luncheon at EB Elliot's on the Mile, was a huge success!!

SS Scams: click link below:


NYSUT Mental Health: If you find that you are struggling with issues and want to talk to someone, call NYSUT Social Servics. They can make referrals as needed for our members and their families.

Contact: 1-800-342-9810, ext. 6206


NYSUT Conference Oct. 29, 2019
WSR members in attendance: Judy Bernstein, Grace Bryant, Dorie Ciulla, and Carol Gardiner.

NYSUT Conference August 2020: Virtual -due to COVID Pandemic


June 7, 2021: 2nd ZOOM Membership Meeting!

Due to the Pandemic, our last in-person meeting was the holiday luncheon at Westbury Manor, Dec. 2019. Our first venture into the cyber world went so well we held our 2nd on June 7th. 27 members attended. It was a huge success!! 

If you missed it: Here was the Agenda:

1.  Welcome: Dorie- Attendees introduced themselves.

2. Treasury Report: Connie

3. Scholarship update: Camille

4. RC-19 update: Grace and Dorie

5. Vote Cope: Dorie

6.  WTA Liaison update: Donna

7.  Website Update: Diane

8. Ice Breaker/Closing: 'This or That' activity

9. Your Turn

We will meet again in September. (planning an in-person, outdoor luncheon and an October Zoom!:)

The annual holiday luncheon at the Westbury Manor always brings a joyful and festive spirit to all those who attend. Although the Pandemic forced us to cancel for 2020, we are booked for Dec 2021. See you there!:)

Pics below from the 2019 luncheon.


2019 Holiday    Luncheon!


 Westbury Manor



Great Food!