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**Reminder-Taxes 2022: If you get IRMMA please send your SS 1099 statement to:

                                             Brenda Benes-administrator


Health Benefits(IRMAA/Medicare)




Committed to Excellence

ATTENTION: Annual Dues-$20.

Click link below: "Membership Renewal Form"

ATTENTION: Annual scholarship fund-please donate! (one check for both is fine)

Mail check, made out to- WSR, to:

Connie Champlin 

157 Rushmore St.

Westbury NY 11590

**ATTENTION: Please contribute to Vote Cope!

 Vote Cope dollars secured legislation to guarantee automatic cost-of-living pension increases for its public school retirees.

 WSR contributed $4094 from 69 members.

Check out the link below to see more your Vote Cope dollars do for you.

Coffee Shop

About Westbury Schools Retirees

Who We Are

We are the retired teachers of the Westbury Union Free School District in Westbury, New York, the retiree chapter of the WTA (Westbury Teachers' Association) and a member of NYSUT RC 19 (Retiree Council-19).
The District's schools include: Westbury High School, Westbury Middle School, Drexel Ave, Powell's Lane, Park Ave, and Dryden St.

Westbury Schools

Retirees Executive Board


**If you have any changes to your
contact information, please email Jennifer
Loughran, Communications, so that we
have the most updated information:


The Executive Board meets monthly from September-June. We  plan and brainstorm, keeping all our members up-to-date on pertinent information. We revived our newsletter. The latest edition came out  May 2022. To view, click the link at the bottom of this page. All members will get an email copy. Also, check out the "NEWS!" page on this website to view the  brochure we are sending to all new retirees going forward.

In-person luncheons are back but we are keeping two general membership ZOOM meetings a year. They proved to be a great addition! They allow those who live a distance away or who just cannot make an in-person meeting, the ability to participate and connect. We hold 3 luncheons a year for all members. Our latest  Luncheon was December 7, 2022. Our latest Zoom membership meeting was held January 30, 2023 at 2pm.

       **Next Exec Board Meeting:Thursday April 6th 10:30am

Exec Board photo below:
Top row left-right:: Grace Bryant- Legislative Representative; Dorie Ciulla- President;
Marjorie Parente- Member At-Large.
Second row:: Jennifer Loughran- Communications Director; Connie Champlin- Treasurer;
Judy Bernstein- Newsletter Co-Editor.
Third row:: middle-Diane Watson- Recording Secretary/Webmaster/Newsletter Co-Editor;

Camille Lupa- Scholarship Committee.
Bottom row:: Donna Sabella- Vice President & Co-WTA Liaison; Carol Gardiner- Vote Cope & Co-WTA Liaison.


interested? contact

exec board feb 2022_edited.jpg
coffee shop.jpg


The following  Westbury retirees joined WSR from 2020-22

       Jennifer Loughran            

Anthony Bonamo,Jr.

Donna Sabella  

Mary Davis

Diane DiNicola

Francine Doyno

David Graff

Anne Mafucci

Patricia Matarazzo

Suzanne Massala

Estelle Saltiel

Pless Dickerson

Yvonne Cunningham

Janet DiPietro

Tina Kaiser

Judy Kerner

Mary Lago

James Nicklas

John Stauber

Angela Summer

Lisa Tintle

Constance Wilkins

 Hattie Davis

Ronald McKay

We're Back In-Person!!

General Membership Fall Luncheon September 22, 2021
Umbertos, New Hyde Park

thumbnail (5).jpg

Happy Together!

back in-person

thumbnail (1).jpg


under the big tent :)

great food!!

lots of fun!

thumbnail (2).jpg


lasting memories!

thumbnail (3).jpg

Fall Luncheon at Umbertos

  outdoors :)

September 14, 2022

WSR Exec Board attendees


Diane, Camille, Jen, Dorie, Connie, Donna, Carol

The Group! Judy, Lisa, Janet, Gail, Michelle, Michael, Roseanne, Diane, Camille, Jen, Dorie, Connie, Carol and....


...Donna- the photographer

Great Food!


Donna and Roseanne

Great Conversation!


Connie and Donna

wsr spring luncheon IMG_3035.jpg

More Happy Gatherings!

General Membership Meeting/ Spring Luncheon: June 8, 2022
Galleria, Westbury

wsr spring luncheon IMG_3040.jpg

Discussing business...

wsr spring luncheon IMG_3036.jpg

Over a great meal.

What could be better?

wsr spring luncheon IMG_3038_edited.png

Smiles all around! :)

wsr spring luncheon IMG_3042_edited.jpg

We are always happy to hear from our members!

*If you would like to share anything that you are doing or family updates,  please submit to Jennifer.

Lavilla, retired social worker from Park and Dryden, writes:

Dear Connie and Fellow CoWorkers,

    Thank you for your continued work keeping us informed about what's going on in our school district and in Albany.

    I am doing well and so is my family. Keep well, say hello to everyone and please try to stay well. "Wear your masks." Stay inside!!

    Love you and Miss you,

      Lavilla Watson​

old westbury pond.jpg

Link to our latest WSR Newsletter below:

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